Purify body and mind with our mountain treatments. A journey inside to regain energy in a perfectly balanced ritual of well-being. Aligned to your core, with time to yourself.


Concentrate the Experiences

At Pena D’Água Boutique Hotel & Villas, nature takes care of you in multiple combinations. Revitalising massages with a touch of class, water therapy and hand-picked mountain aromas.
Discover a tailor-made experience.


Massages and Treatments

We make you the centre of attention. Tensions will be left behind.
The lightness of Pena D’Água with the vitality of the mountain to boost your vital energy flow. Get to know our SPA suggestions.

Pena D’Água Touch Sensation

45 minutes | 60€

Touch treatment with peppermint, lavender and wild orange essential oils. Stimulating massage to improve the body’s physiological, neurological, endocrine and immune system. Holistic therapy, in all systems.

Viriato’s Trails

40 minutes | 40€

Revitalisation of the lower limbs with rosemary essential oil to recover from good walks on the mountain paths. Natural oregano extracts, with anti-inflammatory action, for a multi-sensory experience of freshness and warmth in the affected areas. Complete leg nourishment. Gain strength and lightness for new ventures.

Mountain Rebalance

30 minutes | 40€

Invigorating localized massage, for back and lower limbs. A moment of tranquillity with essences of lemon, peppermint and oregano. Vitality in perfect balance. Say goodbye to the stress and muscular tension. Welcome to the mountain.

Lymph-Reductor Treatment

50 minutes | 70€

The recipe is simple: steady pressure at a strong pace. This technique reduces oedemas and cellulite, while activating blood circulation. Better than the technique is the effect it has: it works.

Deep Tissue Massage – Pena D’Água Exclusive Signature

50 minutes | 60€

A session to work in depth on muscular tensions. Takes away stress and brings liveliness: energy boost with a sense of well-being. An invigorating and vigorous action-packed journey that you’ll want to repeat.

Relaxation Serra da Estrela

60 minutes | 60€

The juniper berry, harvested from bushes in the highland areas of Serra da Estrela, has properties conducive to muscle regeneration. Enriched with essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender, it is the ideal ingredient for a relaxing massage. Discover a new Serra da Estrela ritual.


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